Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Active Directory Interview Questions

Windows and Active Directory Concepts

1.    What are all the FSMO Roles?
2.    Explain WINS?
3.    Explain DNS? 
4.    What is Host Record?
5.    What is loop back processing?
6.    Explain Merge and Replace Mode in Group Policy Settings?
7.    In What order Group Policies are applied
8.    Explain DNS Zones
9.    Group Policy refresh interval 
10. What is C Name Record?
11. What are all the difference types in DNS Records?
12. What is SPN?
13. What is Server Core Edition
14. Which Day Microsoft release it patches?
15. What are all the SRV Records exist?
16. What are the DNS Query Types available?
17. What is the Difference of Seizing and Transferring?
18. Where will be the DSRM password Stored? 
19. How to Check Domain and Forest Functional level?
20. What are all the Important Port numbers related to AD and Windows?
21. What is Default DHCP Lease Duration and Renewal Duration?
22. Give the Types of memory dumps you know?
23. Kerberos-NTLM Feature Comparison
24. DHCP Scope option vs Server Options
25. What is Resilient file System
26. Where will you place RODC?
27. Explain the Client Login Process?

Active Directory Issues

1.    What is Journal Wrap Error?
2.    What is the Record we Create for IP addresses?
3.    What is the Record you create for Mail Servers?
4.    What setting you enable a User to access the other Forest?
5.    How do Monitor Replication?
6.    How you force a group policy to a user? 
7.    How do you define SPN?
8.    When you seize a FSMO Role?
9.    How to Change the DSRM Password of all the Domain Controller in the Domain with the same password???
10. What tool you use to view AD Partitions?
11. How a Client reporting to WSUS server?
12. Give us Some of the Important Security update released by Microsoft related to Active directory
13. How to Connect a Storage NAS Device to a Domain Controller?
14. Where to Enable Global Catalog server?
15. What are the files will be there in a ifm media?
16. What are all the contents available in System State Backup?
17. Give Some Important features of 2008 or Difference between 2003 and 2008?
18. What is AMDX and ADML Files?
19. What is the event id for lingering Object issue?
20. How to Create AD Snapshot?
21. What is DNS Zone Corruption?
22. Whether ADRestore Tool Restore entire Object Attributes???
23. What is KMS?
24. When you place a New Domain Controller what is the Important step you do to ensure the clients authentication happen quickly? 
25. Network Card of a Domain Controller is down, how you will fix it?
26. How do you Troubleshoot slowness Issue in a Site?
27. How do you Troubleshoot Replication problem in a Site?
28. How to ensure a DC is Healthy?
29. How to create a Full Memory Dump for a Server?
30. is it possible to run Windows Server 2012 systems in a cluster with earlier versions of Windows?
31. Which of the following is not an option that administrators can choose when changing Setting Sync policies in Windows Server 2012 Group Policy?
32. Do not synchronize user application settings
33. Do not synchronize user passwords
34. Do not synchronize user settings
35. Do not synchronize user desktop themes
36. In Windows Server 2012, Whether Hyper-V live migration and failover clustering is possible without shared storage.
37. Microsoft estimates that the deduplication feature in Windows Server 2012 should be able to deliver an optimization ratio of ____ for general data storage and ____ for virtual server environments.
38. How does the "salvage" feature in Windows Server 2012's new Resilient File System (ReFS) prevent data corruption from spreading?
39. Windows Server 2012 includes out-of-the-box support for RemoteFX.
40. What is/are the drawback(s) of the new IP Address Management tool in Windows Server 2012?
41. In June 2012, Microsoft revealed which of its key products was running on Windows Server 2012.
42. In Windows Server 2012, whether administrators can access the Active Directory Recycle Bin only via PowerShell.
43. When accessing file shares hosted on NAS devices after deploying Windows Server 2012 domain controllers, you may observe the following symptoms:
  • Connections to mapped network drives using the format\\servername\sharename\subfolderfail with "Access Denied".

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